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About This Site

Through Simply Obsessed: Production, Craftsmanship and Design Stories from Japan we seek to connect people throughout the world through cultural insight. Get up close and personal with Japan as we show you the many varied aspects of this rich culture.

Here, we mainly focus on subjects beyond those typically covered on major news and information sites. Expect to learn about real people “simply obsessed” with production, craft, and design through stories that tap the roots of Japanese traditions and culture.

In pursuit of these stories and the insight they provide, we’ll take you beyond Japan’s most popular cities Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto to regions off the beaten path, presenting new points of interest that you may even want to explore more deeply on your own.

We may occasionally present stories we find in the cities mentioned above, but only when we find topics offering something new or unique. To secure a personal connection with each topic, each story is told from the personal perspective of the writer.

We welcome reader feedback and will consider covering requested topics. So please send us your ideas through the “Contact Us” section. As we move forward, we hope to find ever more effective ways to stimulate communications with and among our readers.

Motomi Takahashi


About Us

Company Name
Carillon LLC
Carillon LLC provides message and development consulting services with a public relations perspective. From in-depth reports and planning to education and research, we can help your organization develop projects involving Japan. You may find our insight particularly useful in creating or operating communication resources related to Japanese culture. We support product development and provide advice on commercial activities, including communication, manufacturing, and sales, as well as other business activities.


4-2-12-2F, Hongo Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan
〒113-0033 東京都文京区本郷 4-2-12-2F
Managing Director
Motomi Takahashi
Date of Foundation
November 11, 2016

Our Vision/企業理念

We convey regional stories from Japan to the world toward greater prosperity for all.

Carillon LLC is a messaging and public relations company specializing in tailoring local stories from Japan for global audiences. Our stories seek to capture local wonders often unnoticed beyond local communities. “Carillon” refers to Flemish carillon bells, which have been used since time immemorial to express the social, religious, and civic rhythms of communities in the West. Through our works we seek to ring carillon bells on behalf local communities in Japan in the hope that these beautiful tones will resonate beyond physical and cultural boundaries as we pursue these noble goals:

  • Highlighting Japan’s regional traditional artistry, craftsmanship, products, agricultural produce and native customs, before they disappear forever.
  • Helping regional economies achieve independence through new global demand.
  • Partnering with Japan’s regions, towns, villages and small companies, to develop global business networks.



合同会社 キャリヨン(Carillon LLC)は、日本の魅力をテーマに、地方の情報を独自のストーリーで世界に向けて紹介する組織です。キャリヨン(鐘楼)がその豊かな音の響きによって地域全体に出来事を知らせるように、私たちは地方の生産者や農産物、工芸品、デザイン、そして地域固有の商品や忘れ去られつつある文化・慣習を、デジタル媒体を通して世界に知らせます。主に、まだ脚光を浴びていない地方・地域に焦点をあて、国境を超えた広報活動を展開します。人と人、人と場所、人とものを繋ぐことで、認知と共感を得、人を引き寄せ、新たな需要を生み出す支援を行い、地域経済の自立に貢献します。貴重な歴史や文化を継承する各地方が、世界の舞台で一層の自信と誇りをもち、活躍するためのサービスを提供していきます。

Managing Director Motomi Takahashi/代表 高橋元美

Born and raised in Japan’s smallest prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, located on the island of Shikoku in southwest Japan, Motomi’s childhood experiences have given her unique insight into life in Japan’s small towns and villages.

After graduating from college near Kobe and journalism school in New York City, Motomi lived and worked in Tokyo for some 20 years, initially as a reporter for the English edition of a major Japanese newspaper, then later as a public relations professional, first inside a PR agency, then later inside multinational companies. Her professional experiences helped open her eyes to the vast untapped potential in the many small businesses and cottage industries operating in Japan’s towns and villages.

Now, leveraging her PR background, Motomi aspires to shine a global spotlight on these local Japanese entities and help connect them to global markets. This is now her lifework. To that end, she founded Carillon LLC to convey stories from local Japan. Carillon created Simply Obsessed: Production, Craftsmanship, and Design Stories from Japan as a communications platform and hub for cross-cultural communications.

地方の活性化の支援を目指し、中小企業や地方自治体、農業法人など小規模団体のグローバル広報を行うため、Carillon LLCを2016年11月に設立しました。前年まで、外資系企業の広報責任者、広報エージェンシーのシニアコンサルタント、英字新聞記者などコミュニケーションの仕事に約20年間従事。過疎化と高齢化が進む中、日本の地方の優れた技術・芸術や文化、食材を海外に広報することの必要性を痛感しました。地方には、すばらしい商品を産み出している企業や昔からの伝統を大切に継承している個人、工夫を凝らした地域のための施策を展開している団体がたくさんあり、世界にはそのような日本の情報を求めている国や地域があります。その両者を結ぶことで、きっと新しい市場を作ることができるという考えから、主に地方を中心とする日本のコンテンツを世界に向けてアウトバウンドで広報したいと思うようになりました。オウンドメディアであるSimply Obsessed: Production, Craftsmanship and Design Stories from Japanを通し、日本の発掘されるべきコンテンツを海外へ提供してまいります。クロスボーダーのコミュニケーションを通して、日本の地方の商品や文化を世界に伝えることは私のライフワークです。東京在住。四国香川県生れ。