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Angel’s Promenade Looms Out of the Sea on an Island.

KAGAWA – When the tide recedes, a long narrow road will emerge in the middle of the sea. This is the Angel Road, a romantic tourist site on Shodoshima island in Kagawa Prefecture. If you visit this place on a sunny day, this sand bank shines under the sun, conjuring an aura of mystery. Only twice a day, you can take this road to another island.

The official name of this road, “Angel’s Promenade,” is rumored to come from the 16th century. Christianity was banned in Japan at the time. A Christian girl, who was in hiding, fell in love with a theological student. The student became a target of the police, so he ran from Shodoshima to the neighboring island. The girl tried to follow him, but the tide was so fast that the sea rose between them. The girl sent a prayer that he had taught to her up towards the night sky. An angel appeared to create a road of white sand so that the girl could reach the other island, where her lover was waiting for her.

Based on this legend, in which the two lovers’ wish was granted by the angel, people today believe that a couple who walk on this road holding hands will be happy together. The legend attracts many tourists these days. One caution: if you stay there too long because of the beautiful scenery, you might be left on an isolated island after the tide comes in. There are actually some people who have been left behind on the island, surrounded by the sea. Please be careful to remember that the Angel Road disappears within two hours after low tide.

Caption and photo by Motomi Takahashi