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Heavenly Autumn Leaves at Utopian Jojakkoji Temple

KYOTO – After a long and intense summer, the advent of autumn is seen at Jakkoji temple in Kyoto, Japan. When maple leaves turn into orange and yellow, autumn is right here. Kyoto has a lot of places where autumn leaves can be enjoyed. Among them, Jojakkoji temple is said to be amongst the most beautiful locations.

The name of the temple in Chinese characters means “temple of always-lonely lights”. This phrase is derived from a Buddhist term meaning “the best world”. But what is “the best world”? According to Buddhism, it is a place where the absolute light of prajna (knowledge or that which is learned through lessons) exists and the Buddha, as the absolute truth of the universe, resides.

It might be joyful to enjoy autumn leaves at such a utopian temple. The best season is from late November through early December. Why don’t you experience Japan’s autumn at Jojakkoji temple, where you can witness the beautiful contrast of bamboo and colorful leaves?

Photo by Hiroki Watanabe

Text by Motomi Takahashi