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Master Gives Tips for Amateurs to Enjoy Noh

Regardless of your efforts to feel something, even if you can’t feel anything, don’t worry. You might even fall asleep! But this is proof that you were comfortable with the chorus or the stage atmosphere. Noh performers won’t be disappointed to see that an audience is sleeping while they are performing. Why? Because they interpret that their performance has relaxed the audience, releasing the tension in mind. Why else would you be able to fall asleep? If you were not comfortable, then you wouldn’t be able to fall sleep!

“Nurturing our hearts is deeply related to the cultivation of personality and qualitative richness. Japanese education, for example, has placed a priority on gaining knowledge to enhance our country’s economy. As a result, cultural development and art have been treated lightly. In the midst of such a dry environment, if you foster the ‘ability of feeling’ though Noh, Japan will become spiritually richer and more peaceful,” said Otoshige Sakai. Maybe it’s not only Japan that has placed too much emphasis on economy. To any of our readers around the world who have gone through knowledge-based education, please “feel” Japanese tradition and hear your internal voice through Noh.

If there is a chance to see Noh when you next come over to Japan or in the city where you live, please experience the performance first-hand. Seeing is believing! If you use the three points of appreciate, you will enjoy Noh whoever and wherever you are.


*In the next episode of this series, we will introduce the art of Otoshige Sakai. Stay tuned.

Photos by Kanae Suzuki and provided by Hakushokai, story by Motomi Takahashi







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