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Mr. Fuji Appears Unusually Modest in the Background

KANAGAWA – Can you see Mt. Fuji far in the distance? On a beautiful, sunny summer day, you can enjoy this landscape: the abundant green of trees, the blue of the lake and sky, and the snow-capped white of Mt. Fuji.

Usually, Mt. Fuji steals the show in any image or video. But, in this photo, Japan’s highest mountain interestingly serves a supporting role. Still, you won’t miss it. It’s fresh to see someone with such a strong presence appearing in this modest way.

This is a view from Onshi Hakone Park in Kanagawa Prefecture. Drive less than two hours from central Tokyo and you’ll find this panoramic scene. There used to be a palace belonging to the Imperial family here. Because of two major earthquakes in the 1920s and the following decade, the old palace was destroyed. This park was made by using the vacant land of the palace in 1946. Since then, it has been open to the general public, enabling many people to enjoy this scenic beauty.

Photo by Hiroki Watanabe, Text by Motomi Takahashi