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Onarutokyo Shows Up in Pale-Pink Chiffon Skies

TOKUSHIMA – Onarutokyo bridge, seen from the side of Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island. The background pale pink sunset behind the bridge was impressive. Shikoku Island, surrounded by sea, is the fourth largest island after Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu. This 1,600-plus-meter bridge connects Shikoku and Awajishima island, which is connected with Honshu. This bridge was originally conceived by the late Toranosuke Nakagawa, a diet member who was born in 1859. As a statesman, he proposed the construction of this bridge to further develop Tokushima Prefecture more than 60 years ago, but nobody listened to him. A story is still told that he was laughed at by other diet members when he submitted the proposal for this bridge. After a half century, however, the gigantic bridge was actually built. Now he is respected by many locals, and sometimes in this region his belief to construct the bridge is often used as a good example of “a dream will come true if you don’t give up!”


Photo by Eri Minouchi, text by Motomi Takahashi