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Skinny Red Poppies Enjoy Being Themselves

IBARAKI – Two tiny red poppies are looking up into the sky from an entirely-blue carpet of Nemophilas. At Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka city in Ibaraki Prefecture, the blue flowers are full bloom.

From a distance it looks completely blue, but when you approach you will find two fragile babies blooming. Although the poppies look quite different from others in shape or color, they gaze towards the heavens without abashment. It is as if they enjoy being true to themselves.

When you look up again, the comparison with other flowers will disappear. When you try to reach out into the sky, your fear will vanish. When you smile at the sky, it will smile back to you. At least, that’s how this photo might make you feel.

Even though a strong wind tries to blow the red flowers away, the soil will never give them up. The tiny flowers look confident, and why wouldn’t they? The sun shines on them all equally despite their differences.

Photo by Hiroki Watanabe, Text by Motomi Takahashi