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Wind Chime’s Cute Sounds Bring Summer Reminiscence

NARA – Japan’s summer is almost over. When the temperature goes below 30 Celsius, we begin to feel that summer is ending. With the exception of only a few locations, such as Hokkaido or Karuizawa, summer in Japan is generally very humid, hot and unpleasant. In the midst of the rigorous heat, the cooling sounds of a wind chime soothe our nerves. This nostalgic photo was taken in Nara Prefecture at the end of this summer.

Wind chimes used to be hung in front of traditional Japanese nokisaki houses, so that the sounds could be heard by the neighbors. It worked like a natural air conditioner! Today, almost all the houses in a big city are perfectly air conditioned. With that artificial coolness in place, all windows and sliding doors are closed throughout the summer days. It’s unlikely that you would feel a natural breeze unless you went to the countryside. However, when you hear a wind chime’s cute jingles ting-a-ling you will momentarily forget the miserable, intense heat. Now Japan’s summer is over.

Photo by Eri Minouchi, text by Motomi Takahashi